Wee Welcome Inn

Parents - please let a teacher know if you will be bringing your child in earlier than your normal time. We schedule our teachers according to that and it may make a difference in ratio - child per teacher.

We are licensed from 6 am to 6 pm. Please follow your child's scheduled time as we do schedule our teachers around this. If you will be arriving earlier or staying later than normal, please let a teacher know so we can be sure to have ample coverage for that time. Also keep in mind that we do charge a late fee for children who are here longer than 6:00 pm. Our teachers may have other obligations and therefore you do need to have your child dressed and OUT of the center by 6:00. There is a late fee for every 15 minutes per child after 6:00.

Wee do go outside daily weather permitting. Be sure to have an extra set of weather appropriate

clothing and correct size as children can have accidents and then they have something clean and dry to change into. This does include school age children as well.

Just a reminder - Breakfast is from 6:00 - 8:00. If your child comes in after that they will have to wait until snack at 9:00 to eat.   


It is so important in the growth of your child that they have a well balanced meal. It is recommended your child to have 2 servings of a fruit or vegetable, 1 serving of protein (lean meat or peanut butter are a good choice), a dairy product, 1 serving of a grain (whole grain) and a small serving of fat.

Please be sure to take home any of your child's artwork or projects they have worked on that day. They are so proud of them and love to show them off to their parents. Remember this is their work and want to share it with you!

It is important to pay your fees on their scheduled due dates. We also have bills to pay and we count on your payments to take care of our commitments. Thank you for your help in this matter.

It is necessary for us to send sleeping bags weekly to be cleaned. Make sure to grab these before leaving the center on Fridays

Please, Please, Please do not drop your child off at the door and let them walk in by themselves. It is so important that a teacher is aware your child is here. They could walk out the door after you leave and we would not even know it.  It is just as important that you let a teacher know you are taking them when you come to pick them up as that teacher may be preoccupied with another child or parent and may not be aware that your child has left. Your child's safety comes first and foremost to us. 

Toys and learning materials are sanitized daily to maintain a healthy environment for the ehildren to learn in. Fewer germs mean fewer sicknesses and that makes for better overall health of each child.