Wee Welcome Inn

Quite a few of our past students have become very successful adults. We are very proud to have been part of their early childhood. Many of them have gone on to college and have achieved successful lives.  Others have just started college while others have gone into the workforce. We have has a number of students who have served in the military as well. We hope we have instilled their thirst for knowledge and that by attending our center have helped them achieve their dreams.  Here are just a few of the students accomplishments:

Derrick M. has graduated college and is a projects manager for an up and coming air filter company.

Kristen E. has gone to college, served in the miltary, and is currently a police officer for the city of Waukesha.

Travis D. is working on his masters degree for business.

Jon B. serves in the armed forces

Nicole E. has gone to college and is now an elementary teacher.

Leah Z. graduated from Oconomowoc High School with honors

Jessica H. graduated from Sussex Hamilton with honors and attended Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Alex R. attended University of Wisconsin-Madison - School of Business and is a Actuarial Assistant

Ryan H. is in his fourth year of a PhD program in Statistics.  He graduated with a  major in Mathematics and a minor in Spanish from UW-L in 2007 where he  was awarded "Outstanding Senior in Mathematics".  In his program at CSU he  was awarded the Graybill Award given to the top student in linear  models.  He is currently working on research related to statistical  analysis of social networks and teaches a second-semester Statistics  course for undergraduate Psychology majors. Outside of that, he is a  part of the CSU disc golf team and compete intournaments around the  country.  They are currently ranked #1 in the
nation and finished 5th at  last years national championship.

Stephanie B. is attending college to complete her classes to become an elementary school teacher.

Betsy A. is attending college in hopes to become a veterinarian

Corey B. attended college and is now a manager at Kohl's Department Store.

Austin S. is a Pioneer Airport Summer Volunteer at EAA. He wants to join the United States AirForce, United States Navy, or the  Wisconsin National Gaurd. He states he wants to be in and around aircraft for most  of the rest of his life. 

Kyle S. is a Director of Quality for Johnson Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He is responsible for overseeing quality management operations for Shanghai, China manufacturing facilities.

Cole K. graduated from UW Whitewater with a Bachelor's Degree in Cellular Physiology with a minor in Chemistry.